Image with text

A guide to feature combination of images and text in one section

The image with text section provides an appealing and dynamic approach mixing media, message, and a call-to-action button. This is a great way to promote a product/collection or any exciting feature on your online store.

How to customize an image with text

An image with text section's layout is defined by the grid layout you set. A grid comes with a number of columns.

Section settings

Grid layout

The settings let you decide on your grid layout on different screen sizes. Use the device mode selector on the top bar to view the section on desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile.

Content position

You can also adjust the content position and gap between columns of that grid (between 0 and 100px).

Then, you can add child blocks to each of the columns accordingly to create an image with text section as you wish.

Block settings

You can add different child blocks in one column that you can mix and match:

  • Buttons

  • Image

  • Text

  • Heading

  • Custom code

Some practices of the Image with text section

Here are some ways to use the image with text section for your storefront:

  • About us content: Use a picture with a short paragraph of text to let visitors know more about your brand.

  • Explainers and introduction: Explain how your products are made.

  • Spotlight products: Display your featured products with a button to direct customers to the product pages/collection page.

  • Sale promotions: Promote an event or sale by showcasing your special offers.

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