All about credit

What is a credit?

FoxEcom app credit can only be used in FoxEcom apps.

You are entitled to a certain number of credits per month. The credits are for using Fox Magic features.

The number of credits you get will depend on your current plan.

How long is a credit valid?

Your credits expire every month.

The number of credits you get will reset on the first day of the month.

How many credits does each Fox Magic feature require?

  • Generate text (Magic write): 1 credit/ request

  • Generate SEO metadata: 1 credit/ request

  • Auto translate: 1.5 credits/ request

  • Auto update translation: 2 credits/ request

Each subscription plan is given a certain amount of credits by default. You can visit our Pricing plan for more details.

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We're working on credit purchases. This means you can buy more credits for your use at any time.

Your purchased credits don't expire every month.

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