Countdown timer πŸ”₯

A guide to create shopping excitement on your site with timers and counts

A Countdown timer helps you add a sense of urgency to your customers so that they feel motivated to complete their orders.

When customers are aware that the products they’re interested in are getting sold out quickly or the discounted price is active for a limited time only, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Customize your Countdown timer section

Each Countdown timer contains the following blocks:

  • Heading: add a Heading to the timer and define its heading tag

  • Countdown: set the End time, Style, and Labels of the timer.

Two countdown styles are: Minimal and Rich.

  • Text: add plain text for promotional messages or descriptions.

  • Button: add a button that directs customers to your desired page.

  • Add to cart button: to let customers add a product to their cart directly.

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