Buy Now button 🔥

The Buy Now button helps you create shortcuts for customers to buy your products. It can show off product pictures, descriptions, and prices, all while letting customers purchase products without leaving the website.

In the Foxiy, you can add a Buy Now button in specific sections and place it on any page, not restricted to only the Product page. This enhancement aims to improve the overall customer experience and speed up the sales cycle.

Choose the pre-defined style for the Buy Now button in the Global style field, with 4 default preset buttons:

  • Primary button

  • Outline button

  • White button

  • Link button

Select the product you want for the Buy Now button.

  • You can choose/ search for a specific product variant by typing in the Variant field.

Add the suitable text into the Button label field, select an attractive Icon, and change the Icon size to draw the customer's attention.

Moreover, you can swap the position between the Icon and Button label by changing the Icon position to the Before label or After label.

Insert the pre-selected number of quantities to purchase when customers click the Buy now button in the Quantity field.

Input the suitable discount to apply at checkout in the Discount code field.

You can decide which page you want to direct customers to (Cart page or Checkout page).

By enabling the Direct to Cart page toggle, you can immediately direct shoppers to the Cart page instead of the checkout page.

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