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Advanced analytics & report to ensure your Foxify pages are performing at their best

Foxify's analytics and reports allow you to review your pages' activity and get insight into your visitors for any date range.

Activate Analytics with Foxify

From your Foxify Dashboard, click the Activate analytics button to start tracking your Foxify pages' performance.

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Key metrics of Foxify Analytics


Page views

Number of views on the Foxify page


Number of visitors on the Foxify page


Number of sessions on the Foxify page


Number of times the shoppers click on any CTA or link on the Foxify page

Add to cart

Number of sessions in which shoppers added one or more items to their shopping carts on the Foxify page

Reached checkout

Number of sessions in which shoppers added one or more items to their shopping carts on the Foxify page, proceeded to the checkout, and performed an action

Total sales

Displays the sales amounts related to the Foxify Note: Foxify only has the ability to track sales from a Foxify Add to Cart button. If you are using an add to cart button from your theme or a third-party app that affects the add-to-cart process, this may not be tracked.

Total orders

Displays the number of orders related to the Foxify

Average order value (AOV)

Displays the average value of all orders, divided by the total number of orders from Foxify pages.

Conversion rate

Displays the percentage of sessions that lead to an order

Sessions by devices

Displays the number of sessions on your online store and what kind of device was used to access your store. The most common device types are mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Sessions by countries

Displays the number of sessions on your online store sorted by country.

Top Foxify pages by sessions

Displays the specific Foxify pages on which your customers started their sessions on your online store.

A page is determined from the URL viewed in a unique session.

Sessions and visitors

The number of sessions and the number of visitors are based on cookies.

Cookies are small files stored on a shopper's device, such as a desktop or smartphone, when they visit your online store.

One cookie identifies the device (the visitor). Another cookie keeps track of the length of the session.

A session ends after 30 minutes of no activity and at midnight UTC.

Because the same visitor can have multiple sessions, the number of sessions is usually higher than the number of visitors.

Example: A shopper views products in your store for 20 minutes, then returns to your store 2 hours later for another 10 minutes. Two sessions and one visitor are reported. If the shopper instead views your store for 5 minutes, leaves, and returns 10 minutes later, then one session and one visitor are reported.

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