Check SEO score 🔥

In this article, you'll learn how to check SEO score using SEO checker module.

The Check SEO score feature will provide users with what they need to improve and fix on their page to improve their SEO score.

Users are entitled to a free scan of a page the first time. Subsequent scans will require 1 Magic credit.


  1. From your Foxify dashboard, select the page you would like to check the SEO score.

  2. In the page editor, select the Check SEO score option in the Left sidebar to open the SEO checker modal.

  3. The SEO checker modal will automatically calculate your SEO score's page.

  4. Hit Re-scan to re-check the SEO score of the page.

It shows the SEO score of the page content based on success metrics: heading, meta tags, content, image alt, etc

Moreover, it displays to users a list of SEO issues found with 3 types: Good, Improvement, and Issues:

The result of the SEO score is audited by Avada SEO Suite API.

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