FoxKit is Going Public

New power & much more to come! We are thrilled to share this exciting news with you.

From Wednesday August 9 2023, we’re taking a big step forward by releasing FoxKit - Upsells & Sales-boosting Shopify app to the public, with a range of new features that will take your sales and AOV to the next level 🚀

Why go public?

We’ve received countless positive feedback for FoxKit from our beloved customers, in words and in data.

So far, FoxKit is proud to have helped 6,000+ brands, hundreds of thousands of orders, and millions of subscribers to make the perfect purchase decision!

By launching FoxKit public, we can uncover more resources, enabling us to build better solutions for you.

We believe that you with the broader Shopify community will gain access to advanced features that take your sales optimization to new heights.

What’s new ✨

FoxKit now offers 5 plans - 1 private plan for Minimog users and 4 public plans for non-Minimog users.

Each plan is structured with feature limits suitable for the needs of the biz.

Read more about FoxKit pricing plans here.

Awesome features

You’ve asked and waited for so long, and we’re happy to answer now. In this update, we’re releasing:

Back-in-stock notifications 🔔

Never miss a sales opportunity again!

With the new Back-in-Stock Notifications feature, your customers will be able to sign up to receive alerts when their desired products are back in stock.

This feature not only keeps your customers engaged but also helps you convert potential sales that may have been lost otherwise.

You will be able to send email notifications to interested shoppers once the products are back in stock!

This is the game-changer in the eCommerce game to retain customers, increase brand trust, and boost sales massively.

Read more about here.

Analytics 📊

Knowledge is power, and with our new advanced Analytics feature, you'll gain unparalleled insights into your store's performance.

You can read reports for the performance of FoxKit features, from impressions to conversions to sales!

It’s time to make the right data-driven decisions 💪

Read more about here.

How this affects you as a Minimog user

Not much at all.

You have all you have been having, and likely more.

When you log into FoxKit app, as a Minimog user (users who purchased the Minimog theme and activated theme license in FoxHome), you will be assigned to the private Minimog plan.

If you’ve installed FoxKit and activated Minimog’s license before August 9 2023, the feature limits of your private Minimog plan are the defined ones in the official pricing plan or your current usage - depending on which is the higher tier.

For example:

  • You have created 5 product bundles, but in the private Minimog plan, the limit is 15, so the feature limit for product bundles is 15.

  • You have created 20 in-cart recommendations, but in the private Minimog plan, the limit is 15, so the feature limit for product bundles is 20, not 15. (the higher tier)

Note: If you want to extend to higher feature limits, please contact us via FoxKit in-app live chat. We will do everything we can to support you and your business ❤️

We support limit extensions until the end of 2024.

If you install and activate the Minimog license after August 9 2023, the feature limits of your private Minimog plan follow the defined plan.

You can change your FoxKit plan anytime.

Read more about Minimog plan here.

🎁 Exclusive offer 🎁

To celebrate this milestone, as a Minimog user, you’ll forever have a 10% off discount applied automatically when subscribing to a FoxKit paid plan.

This comes as a token of gratitude from us to you! Once again, thank you for being supportive of Minimog, FoxKit, and FoxEcom 🤗

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