I can't install FoxKit on March 2023

The incident has been resolved.

FoxKit is back on Shopify App Store from June 2023 😇 What are the new changes?

  • Minimog users now use FoxHome to manage the theme.

See FoxHome

  • FoxKit introduces new app pricing plans from version 3.0.0.

See FoxKit is Going Public

What's going on?

Due to some changes in the Shopify Partners Agreement, FoxKit is temporarily on hold for installation.

This means new customers cannot install FoxKit app starting from Saturday March 25th 2023.

We are working around the clock with Shopify to put FoxKit back up on the map, so we appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

Who is affected by this incident?

This incident affects our new customers of Minimog the hardest because they cannot install FoxKit at all.

For our existing customers who have FoxKit up and running in their store, the effect is milder.

What should I do?

I just purchased Minimog and now want to install FoxKit

We're truly sorry for this inconvenience, but for now, this is impossible. FoxKit cannot be installed right now.

If you have purchased Minimog theme, please download it on ThemeForest, and then install it manually by following this tutorial.

I have FoxKit app running in my store

If you've installed FoxKit successfully before this incident happened, you can continue to use FoxKit as usual.

You won't find the Theme Manager function in FoxKit for now, but we make sure everything's up and running as usual.

What is FoxHome Theme Manager?

To learn about features in FoxHome Theme Manager, go here

What's next?

We are rushing to solve this issue asap so you can install FoxKit soon.

Further notice will be announced via live-chat, in-app, or email.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. FoxKit will be back soon!

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