Translation apps incompatibility

Some issues with the translation apps you might run into

Customers all over the world enjoy viewing the content in their native language. Translating your store's content can lead to more sales because your international customers can better understand your marketing, product details, shipping, and policies.

With that in mind, we created Minimog theme to be compatible with selling in multiple languages and with a language selector included.

To add translation to your store, you need to install a translation app (The Shopify Translate & Adapt app, or a compatible third-party translation app).

Here, we listed some issues that you might run into when integrating a translation app with the theme.

If you notice any new issues, please let us know via our live chat.

1. Variant swatches not displaying correctly

One of the most common issues that you may encounter after translating your store to different languages is the malfunctioning variant swatches.

The variant swatches feature uses option names to identify and display variant pickers. And normally, the translation app will auto-translate the theme settings. In this case, check and add translations for both the option names and option values.

If you want to keep the product option names and variation names (option values) the same as in your primary language, remove the translation for the theme settings.

2. Filters by custom tags

All the tags that are translated when switching languages need to be added to your Product tags.

For example: The tag "Bag" will be "Taschen" in German.

Then, you need to add the tag "Taschen" to all your products having the "Bag" tag in the primary language.

You can add tags in bulk, to do that, see this article.

3. Translation content is missing after updating the theme

Dynamic content of the theme will not be kept after updating.


  • Contact app support if you can export translations of the older theme version and import them to the updated one.

  • Manually transfer the translated dynamic content to the new theme version.

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