Use default or custom font for the website


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Theme settings

  2. Locate Typography

  3. Make necessary changes

  4. Save

Typography is considered one of the essential components that impact the website's look and feel. It contains the following elements.

Body text and Headings

You can either choose the existing fonts from the library or custom fonts.

For the custom front, ollow the steps below:


  1. Allow multiple links, each link in a new line.

  2. Upload the font to Shopify files and paste the link into the blank field.

Recommended formats: TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.

When pasting in the field, follow this format: Link_to_font@font_weight

For ex:


Elements related to the font such as spacing, height, weight, etc. are adjustable.

In Minimog v3.0.0 onwards, some text settings are removed to maintain the consistency of the theme design.

If you want to adjust anything related but can't find it in Theme settings, let us know via live chat and we will be happy to assist 😄


The button font is inherited from the body text. Use the slider to modify border width and height, font size, etc. You can choose to display the button text in uppercase style.

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