Integrate Shopify Review apps

The review app extensions can integrate with MINIMOG - Online Store 2.0 theme

These are the review apps currently available on Shopify Apps that work natively with Minimog theme and will require no extra code:

How to enable the Product Review app on the theme

Step 1: Go to Theme settings > Integrated apps > Product reviews app and choose the app as preferred.

Step 2: Choose where to display your Review Widget and Preview Badge (product page, collection page).

  • Review widget is the core widget, which collects and shows the product reviews on your product pages. On your product page, add Product reviews section or in Product information tabs section > add Product reviews block to display this widget.

  • Rating/Badge shows the number of your product reviews and the aggregate rating of your products.

    • Go to Theme settings > Product card > Tick in the show reviews badge box to display it on your Collection page and product listing.

    • Go to Product information section > Product rating to display it under the product title on the Product page.

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