Migrate data in the Section groups supported version

A guide to migrate data from Minimog old version to Minimog 3.4.0 and above

✨ The Section groups feature is supported in Minimog theme version 3.4.0 and above. ✨ View Changelog.

Section groups give merchants the flexibility to add, remove, and reorder sections in the theme layout without making changes to the theme code. To learn more about this feature, see this article.

If your current Minimog version is 3.3.0 or older, follow the quick steps below to migrate data of the Section groups feature after updating the theme to the latest version.

There are four sections that need to be migrated, namely:

  • Announcement bar;

  • Header;

  • Footer;

  • and Mobile sticky bar.

If you don't use the Announcement bar in your current theme, there is no need for you to migrate the data of this section.


  1. In your Shopify admin, locate your updated version, and go to Actions > Edit code.

  2. Access the file settings_data.json.

  3. In the old version, locate and copy the code of each section, then move it to the relevant files of section groups of the updated version

    1. header-group.json (for the announcement bar and header section); or

    2. footer-group.json (for the footer and mobile sticky bar section).

  4. Click Save.

For example: Copy the entire code of the Header (below the code line "type": "header",).

Then, go to header-group.json, replace the current content of that section (below the line"type": "header", - around line 17) with the copied content.

Do the same with other sections.

  • Announcement bar: find "type": "annoucement",

  • Footer: find "type": "footer",

  • and Mobile sticky bar: find "type": "mobile-sticky-bar",

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