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Learn how to set up Hotspot image to connect media in one section

A hotspot image is an interactive image that contains clickable or touch-sensitive areas (hotspots), which are linked to additional information, multimedia content, or actions.

Hotspot images provide an interactive and engaging user experience, leading to higher levels of user engagement and interaction, leading to 4-5 times more page views than static content.

This article shows you how to create a Hotspot image for a powerful and eye-catching store.

How to create a Hotspot image


  1. In the theme editor (Customize) > click Add section.

  2. Select Hotspot image.

  3. Save.

Section settings


Adjust the Container type (Default/Full width/ Use container box) and Color scheme for this section.


You can add main background images for desktop and mobile versions separately.

Hotspot settings

Adjust the Image width (24px - 120px) and Heading size for all hotspots

  • Extra small

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

Block settings

Hotspot position

To tag hotspots on the desktop background image, use the Vertical and Horizontal alignment to adjust the annotation icon position.

You can also tag the hotspot icons on mobile by changing Vertical and Horizontal alignment (Mobile image).

Hotspot content

Each block in the Hotspots image section consists of a high-resolution image and the provided fields to add eye-catching text. You can add your preferred image and add content for the Heading and Text fields.

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