Remove the tax-included information in product page

You are applying an inclusive tax for your products, and customers are aware of this by the message "Tax included." shown below the product price. However, you want to hide this message on the product page from the customers for some reason.

This article will show you how to easily remove the tax information on this page.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  2. In the Minimog theme you want to change, select Actions > Edit default theme content.

  1. In the tab Products, find Include taxes.

You can also go to the Include taxes field more quickly by entering the keyword "tax included" in the Filter items bar.

  1. Remove the text "Tax included" in the box.

  2. Click Save.

Now, refresh your site to check 🎉

After you delete the text, you still see them in gray color as the hint text for the field, but it is not displayed on your website.

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