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Collection list

A guide to set up a collection list
The collection list displays a quick list of desired collections to catch visitors' attention.
  1. 1.
    In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section.
  2. 2.
    Locate Collection list.
  3. 3.
The collection list consists of collections and banner blocks. The banner block shows only text.

Collection list settings

1. Header and General:

Use the provided text fields to add a suitable heading, subheading, and description. Leave it blank if you do not want to display it. Adjust the text alignment as Left/Center
You can choose your Container type for the collection list as:
  • Default;
  • Full width;
  • Use container box.

2. Card and Grid settings:

Card settings

Modify the card style, text alignment (left/center), and hover effect by selecting options in the dropdown.
Card style includes:
  • Standard
  • Boxed
  • Content inside
Content inside
The hover effect includes:
  • Scale up
  • Scale down
  • None
Scale up
Scale down
You can enable showing product count and decide whether the numbers are in the same line with the collection titles or in a different line.
You can also make the collections' images rounded, images will then be cropped.

Grid settings

Determine the number of collections shown per row and the gap between columns.

3. Slider settings

Select Enable slider and Auto slide options to run the list automatically. The duration time to change slides is between 2-10 seconds.
You can also use pagination or navigation for your collection list.

Collection/banner block settings

Each collection/banner block has its own settings such as title, image, and collection link to choose from.