Collection tab 🔥

A guide to showcase different collections with their featured image in an interactive way

How to add a Collection tab


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section.

  2. Select Collection tabs.

  3. Save.

Section settings


Adjust the Container type (Default/Full width/ Use container box) and Color scheme for this section.

Section header

Add a Heading, Subheading, and Description to your section.

The Section header - Heading size can be set as Medium/ Large.

You can also change the Heading alignment to Left/Center.

Tab settings

  • Desktop image position: Left/ Right (Position is automatically optimized for mobile);

  • Image ratio: Adapt to first image/ Square (1:1)/ Portrait (3:4)/ Landscape (4:3);

  • Prefix header: Use the Ordinal number, or use icons that you upload in the Block settings;

  • Trigger open tab: Set the tabs to be opened by clicking or on hover;

  • Auto-rotate content: To auto-change the tab every few seconds (2-10s).

Block settings

To each tab, select the Collection you want to attach and an Image for it. You can leave the image setting blank to use the collection's featured image.

Insert the content (Heading and Text) you want or leave it blank to display the Collection's title and description.

You can also change the Heading size to:

  • Extra small

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Extra large

Upload an Icon if you set your section's Prefix header type as Icon.

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