Does Minimog support Section groups?

Learn what section groups are and whether Minimog supports this feature or not

✨ The Section groups feature is supported in Minimog theme version 3.4.0 and above. ✨ View Changelog.

What are section groups

Section groups let you group certain sections together in a theme.

This allows you as a merchant to add, remove, and reorder sections directly in the theme editor.

At FoxEcom, we've made an update so Minimog supports section groups in the Header and Footer section of the theme.

Hence, in Minimog, sections can be added in the header and footer.

Why use section groups

Section groups come with some major benefits for theme developers and merchants.

  • Merchants gain the flexibility to add sections everywhere, have more control over the look of the theme, and have better customization abilities.

  • Apps can integrate with Minimog theme layouts seamlessly without modifying the theme code of the header and footer.

  • Theme developers can build more customizable themes.

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