Scaling logo

Learn how to set up an outstanding header using the scaling logo section.

Scaling logo gives your homepage a fresh and modern look with the big logo on the top and a minimal layout.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize) > click Add section.

  2. Select Scaling logo.

  3. Save.

This section applies only to the header group and shows on the homepage.

Section settings


Adjust the Color scheme for this section.

Background settings

You can add main background images for desktop and mobile versions separately.


Add an outstanding large Logo on the top to grab visitors' attention.


Use the provided text fields to add a suitable Heading or leave it blank if you do not want to display.

The call-to-action button will redirect customers to the desired pages.

Give the button a label (leave the label blank to hide the button), a Button link, and a specific Button style (Primary button/Secondary button/Underline button/White button).

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