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How to add a rich text section in Minimog theme

The rich text section is a simple block of text.

You can use the rich text section to talk about your brand, promote your products, collections, or make informative announcements.

You can also add a call-to-action button and images surrounding with an attractive effect to draw customers' attention.

How to add a Rich text section


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section

  2. Select Rich text

  3. Save

Section settings


Adjust the Container type (Default/Full width/ Use container box) and Color scheme for this section.


You can align the content by selecting one of the options in the Text alignment field (Left/Center/Right).

Image settings

You can select images (Image 1/Image2/Image3) to display logos of brands, vendors, products, etc. with an attractive effect, or leave it blank if you want the content only.

Block settings


In this block, you can add the Heading and change the Heading size (Medium/ Large).


Insert the content for the rich text field, you can change the text size, weight, and style or even add the list for the text.


Insert the Subheading for the section.


Add a call-to-action button to direct customers to the desired pages.

Give the button a label, a link, a specific Button style:

  • Primary button

  • Secondary button

  • Underline button/White button

and the Button size:

  • Button small

  • Button medium

  • Button large

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