Back-in-stock alerts

Back-in-stock alert lets customers subscribe to out-of-stock products via email

Setting up back-in-stock alerts has proven to impact your Shopify store’s growth, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture customer demand and increase your subscription data list.


To display the Back in stock alerts on your storefront, you need to configure your Shopify settings for Products:


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Edit Variants.

  2. Under Inventory, check Track quantity and uncheck Continue selling when out of stock option.

Once you've done this, in FoxKit > FoxKit power > Back in stock > Settings to set up the feature.

General settings


Enable/disable the status of the Back-in-stock function by checking/ unchecking the Active box in Status.

Form settings

Customize the subscription form and choose which communication channels your customers want to add to it in Form Settings.

You should see the Preview displayed on the right.

Form texts

Alter languages in the Form in FoxKit > Translations.

Data collection

Choose where the subscription data be saved:

  • in Shopify customers list;

  • in FoxKit subscriptions list;

  • or Add another integration (Klaviyo/ Mailchimp/Omnisend/Sendgrid).

If you save data in FoxKit subscriptions list, you can view the list in Back in stock > Subscriptions.

Email settings

You can set up the feature to send emails automatically when the product is back in stock. The number of emails sent per month depends on your plan limit.

To see your current plan, go to FoxKit > Manage > App plan.

To enable sending email notifications and customize the email that will be sent to your customers, go to FoxKit > Back in stock > Settings > Email settings.

You can set your notification order either as Oldest subscriptions first or Newest subscriptions first.

Email configuration

Add a Subject for your emails and configure the From email, From name, and Reply-to email.

  • Subject: Clearly describe your email content in a few words. The subject line is the first content that your recipients will see in their inboxes.

  • From email: Enter the user name for the email address to be shown in your recipients' inbox when they receive your email.

By default, the domain of the email address is

You can change the sender email in Settings > General > Custom sender email. This setting is available on Growth or Enterprise plan.

  • From name: Leave the name field as is or type in the name you want to display in your recipient's email client. By default, the name of the sender is your company name.

  • Reply-to email: Use your store email or add an email address where you want to receive your contacts' replies.

You can use the defined variables to show dynamic information.

Email content

Design your email's content. Your email is rendered using responsive design, so the display can automatically adapt to any platform: smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You should see the Preview displayed on the right.

If you are on the Free plan, there will be FoxKit copyright shown on your email.

To remove the copyright mark, please pick a plan.

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