A guide to edit product suggestions and recommendations for your site search in Zest
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    In the theme editor (Customize), click Theme settings.
  2. 2.
    Locate Search.
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    Make necessary changes.
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In Search section, you can edit 2 elements: product suggestions and recommendations.

Product suggestions

Displaying search suggestions on the search results can give more ideas and encourage them to view more products.
  • Enable product suggestions
  • Show product price: Display the price of your product in the suggestion section.
  • Show product vendor: Display the name of the vendor/brand in the suggestion section.
A screenshort of search settings in Zest theme settings


Product recommendation boosts sales and increases revenue for your store. It encourages shoppers to buy more.
You can set some predefined popular search queries to suggest the search result as well as choose how out-of-stock products show.
  • Most search keywords: Choose to display your most search keywords to your visitors
  • Collection recommended: Display the collection you want to make a recommendation to your customers
An example of search in Zest theme
The default fields searched on are 'title', 'product_type', 'variants.title', and 'vendor'. For the best search experience, users should search on the default field set, or as fewer fields as possible.