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How to set up product quick view modal in Zest theme

The Product Quick view option offers several unbeatable advantages:

  • Improved shopping experience: It's easier for your customers to select and add any items to cart without loading the whole product age and clicking back-and-forth between the product page and the item pages for details.

  • Reduced server load: The product page is not reloaded when the shopper selects this feature.

  • Display of discounted pricing and other details: You can utilize the quick view feature to show discounts before the cart page.

You can manage which elements are shown on the product quick view - such as the quantity selector, dynamic checkout button, product vendor, custom tags, and sale or sold-out badge.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Theme settings.

  2. Locate Product quick view.

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.


Decide what to show on your product quick view, including:

  • Show quantity selector;

  • Show dynamic checkout buttons (Using the payment methods available on your store, customers see their preferred option, like PayPal or Apple Pay. Learn more);

  • Show product vendor;

  • Show custom tags (See Custom tags).


In the Price settings, you can enable or disable to show:

  • Show sale badge

  • Choose Sale badge type (Text/Percentage/Fixed amount)

  • Show sold-out badge

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