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Add custom cards to mega menu

A guide to showcase custom image cards in your mega menu
An example of custom cards with a banner
After creating and adding a mega menu, you can add custom cards to your mega menu.
1. From your Shopify admin, select Themes > Customize to go to the theme editor.
From your Shopify admin, go to the theme editor
2. In the Header section, Add block > Choose Custom cards.
Add  Custom cards block from the header section
3. Match the text in the Menu title element with the corresponding menu item to show the mega menu under it.
You can adjust the number of columns on the desktop view (between 1 and 6 columns), and control the container wrapper.
Mega menu custom cards dropdown settings
4. In Content Settings, you can add up to 6 custom cards and there are 3 setting fields for each card are:
  • Image
  • Title
  • Link
Mega menu's custom cards content settings
5. Click Save to finish.