Collections list page

How to customize your collections list page

You can modify the collections list page by specifying which collections are included and making changes to the layout.

1. General settings

You can adjust the heading of your collections list page, the order of your collections, the number of collections shown per row, and products per page:

2. Collection card settings

Determine your collection card style, content position, text color, and image aspect ratio:

  • Card style:

    • Standard

    • Content inside with overlay

  • Content alignment:

  • Text color: choose the color to your liking or add a color code.

  • Image aspect ratio:

    • Adapt to image

    • 1:1

    • 3:4

    • 4:3

  • Show product count: Y/N

  • All of your collections are listed by default. To customize your list, choose Selected and add a collection block.

Each Collection Block has its own settings such as title, image, and collection link to choose from.

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