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How to add and customize a testimonials section in Zest themeProvide customer reivews and boost sale in a one section
The Testimonials section lets you feature quotes from customers. It's a type of social proof that talks about your brand, service, and overall experience of your existing customers, building confidence and trust in your potential customers.
This article shows you how to customize your testimonials to showcase customer reviews and boost sales in one section.
In this article:

How to add a Testimonials section

  1. 1.
    In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section
  2. 2.
    Locate Testimonials
  3. 3.

How to customize a Testimonials section

General settings

You can choose the Design as Focused/ Standard/ Fancy/ Unbalanced.
A screenshot of Testimonials design setting
An example of Testimonials section - Standard design
An example of Testimonials section - Fancy design
An example of Testimonials section - Focused design

Layout settings

1. Grid and mobile settings:

You can adjust and set up the following elements:
  • Adjust column per row & gap through the slider on desktop/mobile device
  • Enable/disable the slider, and display navigation and pagination alongside the slider
A screenshot of Grid, slider and mobile settings

2. Testimonials:

Add text, author name, bio, and choose an image for credible reviews.
A screenshot of Testimonials section - Content settings