Collection list

A guide to set up a list of featured collections
An example of collection list in Zest theme
The collection list displays a quick list of desired collections to catch visitors' attention.
In this article:
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    In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section
  2. 2.
    Locate Collection list
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To know more about creating and editing collections, see Collections.

Section settings

Layout settings

These sections are for modifying the collection card's layout by using the slider to adjust the collections per row and selecting the gap between them.
Collection list: Layout settings

Collection card settings

Adjust collection card elements such as card style, content alignment, color, etc. by selecting the drop-down values and checking/ unchecking the boxes.

Collection card style:

Content inside with overlay
Content middle
Collection card style: Content inside with overlay
Collection card style: Content middle

Show product count same line with collection name (for Standard collection card style):

Collection card style: Standart

Grid settings

Set the Number of columns for desktop view between 2-12 columns; and choose your favorable Column gap as Large/Medium/Small/No gap.

Block settings

Each collection block has its own settings such as title, image, and collection link to choose from.
Collection list: Block settings