Featured product

A guide to display a featured product section in Zest
The featured product section is great for showcasing the product you want to promote and boost sales. Customers delve into the product's details and are able to add them to their cart without leaving the page.
In this article:
  1. 1.
    In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section
  2. 2.
    Locate Featured product
  3. 3.
The settings include:

General Settings

You can add the product that they want to display & change the container type (full width, default, container box).
You can also decide the image position & the image width.
Enable image zoom to allow customers to zoom in on the product image.
Enable video loop (if merchants use product video): auto replay video
Featured product: a screenshot of general settings
The product information blocks: title, price, variants selector, and full description will be pulled from the product page to display in this section. You do not need to modify this section.
Featured product: list of blocks can be added to the section

Variant picker

Products with variants are great for giving customers more choices. To know more about variants and how to add variants to your store, see Variants.
Variant picker block settings in Featured product section
You can select your picker type as:
  • Button
  • Dropdown
You can also enable/disable showing the selected option.
An example of showing selected option in variant picker

Shipping information

Enable/disable delivery estimation and shipping text. Add preferable info regarding the delivery, shipping text, and the number of days that the package will arrive.
Shipping information settings in Featured product section

Buy buttons

Enable/disable the "Show dynamic checkout button" to include a direct-to-checkout button. Other buttons such as Add-to-cart or quantity selector can be displayed if needed.
Buy buttons settings in Featured product section

Short description

Need to add metafields with namespace "descriptor.short_description" to display. To know more, see Metafields.

Rich text

Text that is formatted with common formatting options, such as bold and italics, that are unavailable with plain text.
Rich text block settings in Featured product section