Auto-scrolling promotion

A guide to set up an Auto-scrolling promotion section

A scrolling promotion section lets you display an eye-catching auto-scroll row of logos or imagess

You will find it helpful in showcasing your promotion, brand lists, featured products, or any trust-boosting information.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section

  2. Locate Auto-scrolling promotion

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.

Section settings

General settings

This is where you can update scroll direction, pause scroll on hover, and adjust scroll speed, item gap on desktop, and item gap on mobile.

  1. Direction: The scroll direction of the section - from left to right or vice versa.

  2. Pause scroll on hover: When hovering over the section, the scrolling stops.

  3. Scroll speed: The speed of the section when scrolling.

  4. Item gap: The spacing between items in a section.

  5. Item gap mobile: The spacing between items in a section on the mobile view.

Block settings

There are three block types can be added to this section:

  • Image

  • Text

  • Testimonial

Image block

You can use the image block to display logos of brands, vendors, etc.

Text block

You can use a Text block to display introductory text, vendor's name, brand, or any content you'd like to present.

Testimonial block

Showcase reviews from your customers in a scrolling section to increase brand trust.

You can add text, the author's name, a bio, and an image to each of the testimonials.

The Testimonial block is only available in Zest version 7.1.0 and above.

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