How to add and customize your blog page

A blog acts as your brandโ€™s direct voice to the outside world. It helps build, reaffirm and strengthen your brand name online while attracting more traffic to your website.

In this article:

List of page's global sections

List of page's dynamic section

Static sections

You can click on the link to check out the instruction listed below.

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Dynamic sections

You can add any section that is listed in Theme sections. Nevertheless, there is a section designed specifically for the blog page.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), open the template selector

  2. Select Blogs, then Default blog.

  3. On the left-sidebar, select Blog posts.

1. General settings

  • Enable/Disable to show blog title

  • Change the number of posts to show per page and per row.

2. Article card

This is for adjusting the article card image ratio and content inside. You can enable/disable the card elements if needed.

  • Show date: Display the date that the article/blog is issued.

  • Show excerpt: Display a short summary of the article/blog.

  • Show read more link: Lead the customers to the full article/blog post.

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