Handpicked products

A guide to add and use the handpicked products section to its full potential

The handpicked products section lets you display a product grid with handpicked items from your store inventory. Thanks to the handpicked products section, you can point visitors to the exact products that you want to highlight.

This article will show you an example of a handpicked products section and how to add it to your Shopify store.

How to add a handpicked products section


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section.

  2. Select Handpicked products.

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.

How to customize a handpicked products section

Before customizing the section, you need to select your handpicked items. You can add up to 50 products in one section.

Grid settings

Choose the number of products to show and the number of columns on desktop view by tweaking the slider.

You can also change the column gap to your liking between: Large/Medium/Small/No gap.

Product card

Product card settings for a handpicked products section include image ratio and the option to show vendor.

In this settings, you can enable the carousel effect on desktop. Note that the number of products to show needs to be larger than the number of columns (which are set in Grid settings).

To show navigation and pagination in this section, check the corresponsing options.

View all button

Add a button to redirect visitors to your wished page by adding a button label and linking the button (paste a link or select from your list).

There are four button styles available:

  • Primary button: as set in Theme settings > Colors.

  • Secondary button: as set in Theme settings > Colors.

  • White button.

  • Underline button.

Mobile layout

Check the Enable swipe on mobile option to display a handpicked products section on a horizontal scrollbar.

If you uncheck this option, the selected items will be showns as a product grid with two items per row in mobile screen size.

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