Products bundle 🔥

A guide to set up an attractive Products bundle on your store.

A Products bundle helps boost sales by suggesting well-paired choices with added values for customers.

You can bundle multiple products or services together and sell them as a package deal at a discounted price.

Moreover, the Products bundle section in the Zest theme provides a special hover effect that highlights your products and draws customers' attention.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize) > click Add section

  2. Select Products bundle.

  3. Save.

Section settings


Adjust the Container type (Fixed width/Full width/Stretched width), and Color scheme for this section.

Select an appropriate Image that is relevant to all the products in the bundle or has the products' appearance in it. This will help you accurately position the hotspots.

Moreover, you can easily change the Image position to the Left or Right and adjust the Desktop content position (Top/ Middle/ Bottom).


Use the provided text fields to add a suitable Heading/ Subheading.

Leave them blank if you do not want to display them.

Adjust the Heading size (Extra-small/ Small/ Medium/ Large/ Extra-large) and content alignment (Left/ Center/ Right) on both desktop and mobile screens to make the content look logical on your website.

Block settings


When you hover over a specific product in the bundle, the corresponding hotspot will stand out among the other hotspots on the main image.

Choose a desirable/ active Product from your Shopify Products to bundle together and offer for sale at a single price.


When you hover over a particular hotspot on the main image, the product corresponding to it will stand out among the other blurred products.

This setting allows you to select the Color for the Hotspot. (Light/ Dark)

In addition, to tag hotspots on the background image, use the Vertical and Horizontal alignment to adjust the hotspot icon position.

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