Theme license & Transfer 🔥

When you purchase Zest theme from the Shopify Theme Store, that theme is licensed exclusively to the store where the purchase was made.

For more detailed information on licensing, refer to Shopify’s Terms of Service.

Unlicensed theme use

If you're notified that you have an unlicensed theme or you've received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice, then you must take one of the following specific actions:

  • Purchase: Buy the theme for the store where you plan to use it. For all that's worth it, Zest is your best choice.

  • Delete: If you choose not to purchase the theme, simply remove it from your theme library.

  • Transfer: In cases where you previously purchased a theme for an old store but no longer use it there, you might be able to transfer it to your new store.

We reserve the right to report your store to the Shopify legal team and issue a DMCA legal report to shut down your store if you are using an unlicensed theme.

Am I allowed to import a theme from a different store?

Importing a theme to another store is only possible if the theme was originally purchased from the Shopify Theme Store for that specific store.

How to transfer a license?

Currently, Shopify doesn't offer a way to transfer a theme license between stores without permanently closing the original store.

For specific instructions and requirements on transferring a license, please reach out to Shopify support.

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