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A guide to feature your blogs on your Shopify store
A blog acts as your brand’s direct voice to the outside world. It helps build, reaffirm and strengthen your brand name online while attracting more traffic to your website.
This article will show you how to add and customize your blog posts section in Zest.
In this article:

How to add and edit blog posts?

  1. 1.
    In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section
  2. 2.
    Locate Blog posts
  3. 3.
To know more about how to add a blog to your online store, see Blogs.
This article shows you how to display your blog posts on your website using Zest theme.

1. General Settings:

Add a blog to your site and adjust the blog image ratio and content inside. Enable/disable the card elements if needed:
  • Show date: Display the date that the blog is issued
  • Show excerpt: Display a short summary of the post
  • Show read more link: Lead the customers to the full blog post
Blog posts: General settings
You can also display a call-to-action button to redirect customers to your desired pages. Add a button label, then choose a button style. To hide the button, leave the button label section blank.

2. Layout settings

Grid settings

Use the slider to adjust the number of shown posts (between 2 and 12) and columns on the desktop (between 2 and 6).
Blog posts: Layout settings
You can also modify the column gap as Large/ Medium/ Small/ No Gap.
Options for column gap between blog posts
Enable/disable the carousel on desktop view. You can also display navigation and pagination alongside the slider.
Blog posts section: Carousel settings