How to add more languages to your Shopify store

A multilingual website will attract new users from other countries and increase your sales.

To display a language dropdown as in the image above in your store, check out the following steps:

How to add more languages to your site?

Step 1: In the Shopify Admin, navigate to Settings.

Step 2: To add more languages to your store, choose Languages > Add languages.

Step 3: Choose languages you want to add to your site

Step 4: Hit Publish when you're done

After finishing setting up languages, follow these steps to manage how customers experience your store for one specific market only.

Step 5: In Settings, choose Markets > Manage Primary market.

Step 6: Click Manage in the Domains and languages section

Step 7: Enable multi languages by selecting the languages you want to display in the language dropdown list on your store. You can also change the default language.

When you're done, don't forget to hit Save to save changes.

The languages option shows on Header or Footer of the theme. Therefore, you need to enable language selector.

Use the Shopify Translate & Adapt app, or a compatible third-party translation app to translate your store. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions to import your translations directly into Shopify.

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