Countdown timer

A guide to set up a countdown timer section

A countdown timer is a virtual clock that displays the amount of time (days/ hours/ minutes/ seconds) currently remaining on an offer.

A countdown timer is a powerful way to drive conversions and help boost sales.

How to add a Countdown timer section


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section.

  2. Locate Countdown timer.

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.

How to customize your Countdown timer

The settings include:

1. Section settings


Adjust the Container type (Full width/Stretched width/ Fixed width) and Color scheme for this section.


You can choose the content container by enabling the Use content container checkbox.

Change the Countdown position (Left/Center/Right) and then align the text inside - Text alignment (Left/Center/Right).

Moreover, you can also pick a Background image for the timer and set the opacity for it in the Image overlay opacity range.

Background video

This setting allows users to set the background of the countdown timer as a video.

You can enable the background video by checking the Show background video checkbox.

There are 2 Video types: Shopify-hosted/ External

If you use a Shopify-hosted video, select a video from your Files.

If you don't use an external video (YouTube or Vimeo), insert the External video URL.

2. Blocks Settings

You can choose to add more elements to the Countdown timer section by selecting (+) Add block.

1. Content

Add heading/ subheading of the event

2. Countdown

Add a countdown timer and adjust the end time of the event.

You can also choose a style for the timer.

Date formats accepted:


24 hour format


2023/10/04 23:30

12 hour format


2023/10/04 11:30 PM

3. Button settings

You can also display a call-to-action button to redirect customers to your desired pages.

Add a Label and Link for one or both, then choose a Button style and a Button size.

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