A guide to create and add menu items to build your store's navigation

Customers navigate your online store using the links on pages and menus. Different websites require different kinds of menus, depending on the size, nature, and objectives of your store.

This article shows you how to create your own suitable menu.

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What are a menu, drop-down menu, and mega menu?

When to use a mega menu?

Create a menu

Add a menu to header

What are a menu, drop-down menu, and mega menu?

You can add menu items to your online store menus to build your store's navigation. Menu items are links to products, collections, webpages, blog posts, policies, or other websites.

A drop-down menu (or a submenu) is created by nesting menu items below a top-level item. The top-level item appears in the main menu on your online store, and the nested menu items appear in a drop-down menu.

A mega menu is a drop-down menu in which the top-level item has two levels of nested drop-down menus. A mega menu affects how shoppers discover your product offerings and other information, which lets them browse easily and seamlessly.

When to use a mega menu?

A mega menu is a perfect design choice when building a website with multiple categories and subcategories. The design also provides sufficient space for images (banners) and other rich content.

Create a menu

1. Go to Navigation to create a menu.

2. Click Add menu to add new or choose any items below the menu to edit.

3. Write the menu's name, then choose Add menu item.

4. Write the menu item's name and choose the item in the dropdown box > click Add.

5. To make an item to a child menu, drag it under the main item.

Menu items can also be added to create the same level as a child menu.

Add a menu to the header

1. Go to Themes > Customize.

2. Check the Header section > Menu Settings, and make the necessary changes.

3. Save the settings.

For best results, if you want to create a mega menu, you need to add third-level items.

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