Get to know dynamic checkout buttons

Dynamic checkout buttons are additional checkout buttons that send the customer to the Checkout page when clicked. These buttons appear as unbranded (Buy it now) or branded (Buy with [payment provider]).

Dynamic checkout button basics

The checkout method that's displayed on the button depends on a few factors:

  • the customer's browser

  • the customer's device

  • the customer's personal payment history.

Dynamic checkout buttons are largely controlled by the Shopify platform. Check out their documentation on the feature for more information.

Once you have determined whether this feature is right for your store, you can enable/disable the setting in the theme editor to activate/deactivate the buttons.

Enable dynamic checkout buttons


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), open the page selector

  2. Select Products, then Default product

  3. In the left sidebar, locate Product information section, select Buy buttons block

  4. Select Show dynamic checkout buttons

  5. Click Save.

This will activate the feature globally across the theme.

Adjusting styling or messaging

The appearance of the button will either reflect the Colors settings or the branding of the payment provider (e.g. PayPal).

Translation or other adjustments for branded buttons would require an additional app or 3rd-party modification.

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