Product recommedations

A guide to display and customize the recommended products list on the current product page

A Product recommendations section displays an automatically-generated list of product recommendations. Displaying recommended products to customers makes it easier for them to discover new products, and can help to increase online store sales.

To learn more about the Recommendation logic and algorithm criteria, see Shopify Dev Docs.

How to add a Product recommendations section


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), open the template selector

  2. Select Products, then Default product.

  3. On the left-side bar, add Product recommendations.

  4. Make necessary changes > Save.

You can adjust the elements based on your needs to display the recommendation section such as heading, number of products to show, per row, etc.

How to customize product recommendations

These recommendations that display on your product page can be customized using the Shopify Search & Discovery app.

Tailoring product recommendations across the customer's journey is a powerful way to help customers discover products.


  1. In the Shopify Search & Discovery app, click Product recommendations, and then click Add recommendations.

  2. Select a product that you want to customize product recommendations for.

  3. Select up to 10 Related products to recommend. Set the product to display only the custom recommendations or to display both custom recommendations and automatically generated recommendations.

  4. Click Save.

Track recommendations

The url property for each product in the products response contains URL parameters that builds a conversion funnel that can be tracked by using reports in Shopify. Similarly, the Liquid url property returned for product recommendations contains this tracking information as well.

After you've implemented product recommendations section, you can track how effective they are directly from the Analytics page in your Shopify admin. To learn more about product recommendation reports, refer to Product recommendation conversion over time.

If you want to remove the param tracking in the recommended product URL, you can find a setting from Minimog version 5.0.0 and above (see our Changelog).

If your Minimog version is 4.1.0 and older, kindly contact our support team, we will help you remove the params 💃.

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