How to sign up in FoxHome

In this article, you will learn how to sign up in FoxHome to start using its theme manager features with the Minimog theme.
FoxHome is a standalone service and it would need to be connected with FoxKit app (already installed on your Shopify store) to manage your Minimog theme.
Access FoxHome here:
Once connected with FoxKit, FoxHome can manage theme license(s), try 70+ demos for free, and update your theme to the latest version simply with 1-click.
Welcome to FoxHome!

How to create a FoxHome account

We highly suggest you sign up with your Shopify account by choosing the Sign up with Shopify option.
Once you do so, your FoxHome account will connect directly to your FoxKit app in the chosen store.
The other 3 options to sign up are:
  • Sign up with Google
  • Sign up with Facebook
  • Create a separate account

Get verified

If you choose to sign up/ sign in with Shopify, we will send a verification email to the store owner's email to notify, including an access verification code.
This ensures the store owner is well aware of the changes made to their store and app.
The user (store owner, developer, or staff) now must use this verification code to log in and be able to use FoxHome connected to the store.