Product Options Swatches

The Color Swatches feature is simple yet crucial for any store that offers products with different variant colors. Product swatches build the ultimate user experience for your online store by allowing customers to visualize precisely what you're offering.

This guide covers how to set up Product options swatches in Foxify.

How to enable Color Swatches in Foxify


Step 1: From your Foxify Dashboard, go to Apps extensions.

Step 2: In the extensions list, select Product Options Swatches by Foxify.

Step 3: In the pop-up modal, click Install extension.

Customize colors for your swatches

Once you've installed the extension, click on it again to customize your swatches.

Insert the Color swatch trigger by adding the product option names.

To each of your option values, select the colors you want to apply or add a custom image.

Step 4: When you've done, click Update to save the changes.

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