Mobile sticky bar

A mobile sticky bar helps your users navigate through your website with ease on limited mobile screens

The mobile navigation bar is a fixed navigation menu that remains visible at the bottom of the mobile screen as the users scroll up/down. It is different from the sticky header that appears on the top.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Mobile sticky bar.

  2. Select Show sticky bar and edit the settings.

  3. Save.

The settings include boxes to enable the mobile sticky bar and some addons:

  • Show home icon: Get back to the homepage

  • Show products listing: Redirect customers to the product listing page

  • Show cart icon: Let customers check the items they have added or check out

  • Show account icon: Enable login icon for customer's account

  • Show wishlist icon: Lead to the page customers have added their favorite products.

Customers' account settings must be enabled to show an account icon in the mobile sticky bar, see Enabling customer accounts.

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