Search settings

Enable auto-suggestion and product attributes that customers can use to search

Megamog Search provides the capability to quickly and effectively refine product catalogs or website content.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Theme settings

  2. Locate Search behavior

  3. Make necessary changes

  4. Save.

Search suggestions

Predictive search (search suggestions) shows suggested results as you type. It helps your customers refine their search without being redirected to a search results page, and quickly explore your store by seeing top results for suggested search terms, products, collections, and more.

You can customize the behavior of predictive search with the Search & Discovery app from Shopify.

You can enable one or all of the following features for search.

  • Enable search suggestions: predicts what users are searching for and shows results as users type.

  • Show product vendor (when the search suggestions feature is enabled)

  • Show product price (when the search suggestions feature is enabled).

  • Predictive search isn't available in all languages. See the complete list of supported languages.

  • By default, a maximum of 10 possible results are shown across all the queried result types.

Product types

Show a dropdown next to the Header search box to let customers pick a particular product type to search for.

If enabled, you should also add the Product Type filter within the Search & Discovery app.

All product types are listed in the dropdown filter by default.

If you want to list out specific types, use commas to separate them.

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