Install Megamog manually

Thank you for purchasing Megamog 🎉

Here's how you install the theme on your Shopify store manually.

Get the theme package

Once you have purchased Megamog from our website, you will receive an email with the Megamog theme package included.

🎁 If you have purchased a Minimog theme when the offer of a free Megamog theme is available, kindly contact our support team to get the Megamog theme package.

Once you have got your theme package, follow our guide below to install it on your Shopify store:


  1. Download the Megamog theme package.

  2. Unzip the package you've just downloaded.

  3. Get the demo file you want.

Upload the theme

Once you have the theme file ready, you can upload it to your Shopify store:


  1. From your Shopify dashboard, go to Online Store.

  2. In the Theme library, select Add theme > Upload zip file.

  3. In the Upload theme modal, click Add file and select the file you want to upload.

  4. Click Upload file.

Wait until the uploading process finishes. Then you can customize and publish your Megamog theme 🙌

All images in the demos will be replaced by placeholder images. Kindly upload your products and pictures to finish the store's look and feel. you love yet? Check out the list of Megamog demos here.

All images and commercial fonts used in our theme demos are for demonstration purposes only.

If you wish to use any of these assets on your live store, it is essential to obtain the necessary licenses or permissions by working directly with the authors or copyright holders.

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