Featured collection

Learn to use Featured Collection to display products from a selected collection in an engaging and attractive section.

Featured collections can help promote sales and new collections.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section

  2. Locate Featured collection

  3. Save

1. Section header:

Use the provided text field to add a suitable heading. Leave any of the fields blank if you do not want to display them. Adjust the text alignment (left/center).

You can then select a button style and size to your likings.

2. Collection

Select the collection to show

3. Flash sale

A flash sale creates urgency because of limited stock and/or limited time frame. This creates a sense of scarcity of the product and boosts your store conversions.

4. Grid settings and Product cards:

Adjust the number of shown products (between 2 and 12), products per row (between 2 and 6), and the column gap.

Choose the product card design as you prefer and the image aspect ratio. You can also enable/disable showing product vendors and product titles in this section.

5. Slider settings:

Enable/disable slider. You can also display navigation and pagination alongside the slider.

6. Mobile settings

This section lets you display your design for mobile view.

Product card

Each product is displayed in a sequence of cards with an add-to-cart, a Quickview feature, etc. It also includes the design layout and image ratio for the product cards.

Please refer to the link below for further info.

pageProduct card

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