☝️General settings

Change favicon icon, ajax add to cart and show scroll to top button


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Theme settings

  2. Locate General settings

  3. Make necessary changes

  4. Save

Favicon (Favorite icon)

A favicon is a small image that serves as branding for your website to help visitors identify your page easier, especially when they have multiple tabs open. A favicon increases brand awareness and improves user experience.

A favicon can be displayed in the following places:

  • Brower tabs

  • Search results

  • History archives

  • Bookmark lists

You can enable/disable it based on the requirement. The recommended image size is 32x32px.

Ajax add to cart

When enabling this feature, it lets users add products to the cart without needing to reload the website each time.

You can simply check the box to enable it.

If you are using FoxKit and would like to disable its Ajax ATC, go to App embeds, find FoxKit Theme Helper > uncheck the option Enable Ajax add to cart.

Show scroll to top button

Can also call it a "Back to top" button, a button that let users quickly navigate to the top of the page.

This saves time for visitors. Enable it by checking the box.

Right-to-left support

Some countries are using a right-to-left writing/reading system. Megamog adds this feature to support customers from those countries.

Check the box and fill in the languages that support RTL to enable the feature. The site layout will change to RTL for visitors using those languages (for multiple language stores).

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