Store locator

A section to introduce your store's location and other info for offline shopping

Bring your customers right to your door. Power sales when you guide customers to your store or locations where your products are being sold.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section

  2. Select Store locator

  3. Make necessary changes

  4. Save the settings.

Section settings

Give a section a heading and select its size.

Select an image for your section and select its position (Left/Right).

Adjust the column gap (0-150px) and the grid items gap (0-100px).

Block settings

Two types of blocks can be added to the section:

  • Text

  • Social media

Text block settings

Each text block includes a heading, content and subcontent.

You can also adjust the text color of the block.

Social media block setting

Give the block a heading.

The block will automatically showcase your store's social media links based on your settings in Theme settings > Store contact.

The social media block can be added once only.

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