Product tabs

Featured products from a handpicked collection

Display your products from a selected collection in an engaging and attractive section.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section

  2. Locate Product tabs

  3. Save

Section settings

Layout settings

Enable boxed layout for your section and the Grid bordered if needed.

You can also set the Color scheme for your Boxed layout.

Section header setting

Insert your section's heading, its size, and select the tab header style.

Tab header styles include:

Product cards settings

Select your Product card's design layout and its image aspect ratio.

You can also show the product vendors in this section.

Grid settings

Select the number of shown products (4-18 products) and the number of products per row (3-8 products).

Then, adjust the gap between columns and rows accordingly (0-50px).

Slider settings

You can check the Enable slider option to make your product list appear as a slider (the number of products to show > the number of products per row).

Show the pagination or navigation, or both to let visitors navigate the slider.

Navigation can be added Outside container/ Inside container/ Inline.

Mobile settings

Adjust how the section displays on mobile view.

  • Mobile layout: Inherit/ 1 column/ 2 columns;

  • Column gap on mobile view (0-50px);

  • Row gap on mobile view (0-50px);

  • Enable swipe on mobile or not.

View more button

The view more button is used to redirect visitors to the collection page.

Give your button a label and select the button style. If you don't want to show the view more button, simply leave the label blank.

Block settings

In the Product tabs section, you can add Tab blocks and an Image card.

Tab block settings

Select the collection you want to showcase in the tab.

Give the tab a heading.

You can also add an icon before your heading and adjust the icon width if needed.

Image card settings

You can select/upload the image for the desktop and mobile view separately.

Give the image a link and select how the link is applied (on the whole image card or just the CTA button).

Then, you can add content to your card using the Heading, Subheading, and Description text fields.

Select the position of the card content and its alignment.

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