List of informational post related to the brands, products, etc.

Static sections

Merchants can click on the link to check out the instruction listed below.

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Dynamic sections

Merchants can add any section that is listed in Theme sections. Nevertheless, there is a section designed specifically for the blog page.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), open the template selector

  2. Select Blogs, then Default blog

  3. On the left sidebar, select Blog pages.

Section settings

  • Enable/disable the sidebar and its positions.

  • Change the layout and the number of posts to show per page and per row.

Block settings

Add blocks to the sidebar of your blog page.


Add a categories menu to your blog page. The menu is created in Shopify Navigation and includes main menu items only (no nested menu items).

Widget recent posts

Give the block a title and select the blog you want to display the posts.

Set the number of posts to show.

Control how each post is displayed in the widget:

  • Show tags

  • Show author

  • Show published date

  • Show excerpt

  • Truncate excerpt or not


Show tags of the current blog.

Widget Instagram

To show your Instagram image posts in the sidebar, make sure you generate your IG token and add it to the Theme settings > Integration.

You can control the number of images to show in this widget (4-24 images).

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