Purchase code & activation

In this article, you'll learn how to find your purchase code for Megamog theme, and activate the code to unleash its full power.

Theme license is a unique one-time code you get after purchasing Megamog.

A valid license is required to manage the theme (using FoxHome) and get technical support (see our Support policy).

How to find my purchase code

  1. To obtain the Item Purchase Code, open the email from FoxEcom sending Megamog theme to you.

  2. You will find a unique purchase code with the Megamog theme file.

  3. Use this purchase code to activate the Minimog license.

How to activate my Megamog license


  1. Visit FoxHome.

    Haven't signed up for a FoxHome account yet? Check out this article.

  2. Under Manage > choose Settings > choose Store domains.

  3. On the Stores manager page, select Add purchase code.

  4. In the pop-up modal, enter your purchase code > select Add code to activate your license.

One purchase code can only apply to one Shopify store.

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