Product listing

Showing a list of products based on a category in grid or list view.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), open the template selector

  2. Select Collections, then Default collection.

  3. On the left-sidebar, add Product listing.

  4. Make necessary changes > Save.


  • Control the listing's container type and layout.

  • Show the number of products per row and per page.

  • Enable/disable box layout.

  • Show layout the columns switcher.

Sorting and filtering

Enable/disable filtering and sorting by options. You can either choose to display filters by storefront filters or by custom tags.

You can also change the filter position, title, and height.


Enable pagination in 3 ways.

Storefront filters settings

This setting is for storefront filters only. You can enable changing product card variants on filtering and showing results count on filter items.

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